ParvoVirus Treatment for Dogs

Affordable ParvoVirus Treatment

Parvovirus, or Parvo as it is commonly called, is a terrible disease that attacks young, unvaccinated or improperly vaccinated dogs in the Tulsa area. The infection rate in Tulsa is high because Parvo is spread by stray pets, racoons, and other animals.  And Parvo survives for many years in the soil.  Our most comon parvo case is newly adopted and unvaccinated pets that move to a new home, go out in the yard, and show symptoms just a few days later.  We also see a lot of Parvo cases where the owner vaccinated themselves using ag store vaccines, and the vaccine fails due to poor temperature control of the vaccine vial in the store. No home is safe because it is easy for you to step in Parvo infected soil and then track it right into the home. Yes, we have definitely treated multiple Parvo cases for “indoor only” dogs.

What are Parvo symptoms?

If your pet is infected, then you will probably see vomiting, bloody diarrhea, an inability to eat or drink, and a general sad and painful look in your pet’s eyes. If you’ve seen symptoms, please call us immediately to schedule an appointment. If your pet is properly vaccinated, it is unlikely they will catch Parvo, and even if they did, the symptoms should be mild.

Can my dog survive Parvo?

The good news is that we treat a massive number of Parvo cases and 93% do well with our at-home treatment. But the other 7% of pets desperately need hospitalization.  We are one of the top Parvo Treatment Centers in the country and we treat Parvo differently than most other clinics. Our medications, testing, technology, and treatment strategies have improved dramatically over the past 60 years, so positive outcomes are high. The most important factors in survival include catching the problem early, aggressive treatment, family support, and a strong set of genes.

How much does Parvo treatment cost?

For only $225 (for small dogs), our standard Parvo treatment includes the exam, testing, and treatment. There are more expensive options for more complex or severe cases that do not respond to our standard package, or for larger dogs, but all treatments can be financed for our PCP clients.

Is there home treatment for Parvo?

Parvovirus is evil and it is on a mission to kill your pet. The best treatment is aggressive veterinary-led treatment. But when finances prevent you from seeking the help of a veterinarian, then a quick google search will point you to articles that focus on fluid therapy, hydration and the use of pedialyte and gatorade.  But these options have less than a 5% survival rate.  Your better choice is our affordable parvo package and our payment plan options.

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Remember, NEVER let the sun set on a Parvo infection…get treatment before it gets worse.

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