Payment Plans

Payment Plans, Urgent Care Plans, Wellness Plans, Pet Insurance, Care Credit….so many choices!

We want you to know that we’ve got your back in difficult times, which is why we offer more payment options than any other hospital in America.  If you need to spread out veterinary expenses over months, then our Payment Plans, Wellness Plans and CareCredit plans are for you. Your pet can be covered for routine vaccinations or major surgery and anything in between, even if your credit history isn’t perfect.

Emergency Payment Plans

This no-credit-check plan is great for emergencies as long as we are your Primary Care Provider and you have a bank checking account. We turn your pet’s urgent care needs and some future wellness cre into a down payment and monthly payments. This is absolutely the best deal in Oklahoma when it comes to urgent care. But be aware that you’ll need a checking account at a traditoinal bank, an associated debit card in your name, a matching driver’s license, and a consistent source of income to qualify. Enrollment and financing fees apply, and there is no right to rescind or termiante these plans early.

Wellness Plans based on our incredibly popular Payment Plan program

Unlike pet insurance programs that are “use it or lose it”, we offer Wellness Plans that cover all the normal annual care that most pets get, and the unused funds will usualyl roll forward from year to year. Any additional routine or urgent care services, or flea/tick/heartworm products can be added on top of the plan. The affordable $35.95 monthly payments makes caring for your pet easy.  Normal coverage is extensive, but generally covers covers most exams, vaccines, spays, neuters, detnals, bloodwork, xrays, and much more. Please review plan documents carefully before signing up for any insurance or wellness plan from any provider. Enrollment fees apply to all plans.

PrePaid Care Plans

For the most affordable option, check out our PCP plans. You choose the servies you want to cover, and we’ll convert it to a small monthly payment with a small enrollment fee. Most pet owners chosoe $10 per month to cover thier pet’s annual comprehensive physical, all vaccines, and all wellness teting.

CareCredit or 1-800-677-0718

CareCredit is a simple revolving credit line, much like any credit card, which requires no money down, typically has no fees when paid off on time, and easy monthly payments. Important: If your credit is not perfect, your odds of approval will go up dramatically if you let us help you complete the application. Call us and we will help. Once approved, you can use Care Credit immediately with us on anything we sell.

Pet Insurance

Please be aware…pet insurance is very, very expensive. Expect to pay $250-$1,000 per year, or easily $3,000 to $18,000 over a pet’s lifetime. Costs are even higher if you want annual vaccines and wellness care covered too. The rates are high because insurance companies must cover the fees of the highest cost veterinary hospital in the country. In contrast, APC is usually much cheaper than other clinics, so insurance may not be a good deal for most of our clients. For a comparison chart of some service providers, see the link above which compares the rates for VPI, ASPCA, Embrace, Purina, TruPanion, PetsBest, and 24PetWatch.

Not sure which to pick? Call us today and we can explain the differences. 918-437-6735