Exotic Pets

Affordable Pet Care Veterinary clinic, Tulsa’s trusted veterinary clinic since 1956, is where you’ll find the most experienced veterinarians, providing the best medical care for your pet, no matter what species you love and care for.

Dr. Carlin (the original founder of our hospital) loved exotic pets, and both he and Dr. Wallace have worked at the Zoo!  We love the stories of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on a snake, operating on an iguana, caring for an exotic pig at the Tulsa Zoo, sleeping overnight inside the zoo, and getting to playing with “big cats”. The tradition continues with a team of exotic pet doctors including Dr. Wallace (chief of staff), Dr. Smith, and Dr. Sellers .

We love to treat all kinds of pets, and some clients even refer to us as a zoo, which we take as a compliment.  Let us help your turtles, ferrets, snakes, rabbits, gerbils, sugar gliders, lizards, mini pigs, primates, and much more.  If your pet is suffering from issues that require an exotic specialist, then we’ll happy get you to the right person and coordinate care. Exam fees with a specialist are higher than working with a general practice, but there are critical times that the  skills and experience of a specialist is invaluable.  We may refer you to All Creatures Veterinary in Broken Arrow where Dr. Mark Setzer or Dr. Welch do an excellent job.

If you’re looking for excellent, high quality and affordable veterinary services in Tulsa, and not just a cheap veterinarian or cheap pet services, come by our office on historic Route 66 and talk to us. Your pet deserves the excellent care, you need affordable services, and we want to be your veterinarian for life