Exams, Vaccines and Xrays

At APC, we want to be your Primary Care Provider.  If you pick us, we promise to be there for you, and to always provide the best pricing on everything we carry.

Physical Exams are just $38 for PCP clients ($48 if not PCP):

Physical exams are complete exams led by a veterinarian who has a lot of experience. Experience = lower costs for you, because experience drives better diagnostics and higher quality healthcare at the lowest possible cost. Of course, if your pet requires extensive diagnostic work, has multiple health issues, or needs other services outside the standard exam, then extra charges will of course apply.

Vaccines start at just $10

A physical exam is the best way to keep your pet healthy, but we won’t force you to get one. You can come by anytime for our vaccine clinic services where a Licensed Veterinary Technician will work with a veterinarian to provide most vaccines at the vaccine only price plus a small nurse consult fee. Example pricing:

  • Rabies Vaccination $10
  • Distemper and Parvovirus $15
  • Bordetella (for Kennel Cough) $16
  • Feline vaccine combination $16
  • Ferret vaccines starting at $10

Remember….If you ever find a better price elsewhere on vaccines, please tell us! We’ll take care of you!

Unlimited digital x-rays are just $85 per series for PCP clients

If your pet is limping and a bone may be broken, then our all-digital X-Ray package may be perfect. It includes as many xrays as we need to take at your first exam. Unlike other clinics, this fee is not per image, which will save you hundreds of dollars on your first visit. This pricing is intentionally set low so that you can afford good diagnostics right up front. Note that if your pet is uncomfortable during x-rays, then please plan for additional sedation costs to reduce your pet’s pain or stress level.  But good news…if it turns out your pet needs bone surgery, then our skilled bone surgeons are right here all under one roof with all the tools needed to put in a pin, plate, wire, or external fixator!

Call us anytime to schedule an appointment: 918-437-6735